Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is Your Greatest Strength as a Teacher?

     Q:  What is your greatest strength as a teacher?
     A:   I believe I have three primary strengths which I would like to bring to Prairie Pines Elementary School.  First, I am well-versed in all the aspects of reading instruction.  I took extra reading courses as an undergraduate and worked closely with my advisor in the College Reading Clinic.  Second, I’m a team player.  I enjoy working with people.  My work as a Student Ambassador, a member of the Student Senate, and as an R.A. in one of the dorms have given me many opportunities to work with people.  Third, I enjoy learning.  I believe that teachers should never stop learning.  I spend a lot of time reading professional magazines and was able to attend two education conferences in my senior year.  I hope to bring my passion for learning to a classroom at Prairie Pines.

            This is a great opportunity to “sell” yourself.  Even though the question asks for “your greatest strength” you should consider a response that outlines two or three strengths.  This gives the interviewer a more complete picture of who you are.  Most important: this is the time to be confident, not arrogant.  Be honest, but don’t pontificate.  Provide specific details, but don’t spend a lot of time patting yourself on the back.

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