Saturday, May 5, 2018

Why Weren't Your Grades Better?

There's one interview question that scares every teacher candidate (it sure scared me in my first interview).  It's a question about your grades...or your lack of good grades.  Many people panic when they hear this query and often try to mumble their way through an answer.  But, this is a most unique opportunity to "seal the deal" and confirm why you want to be a teacher in the first place.  let's take a look:

     Why weren’t your grades better?

     A:   I had a great educational experience.  I learned a lot while in college – not only about the art of teaching, but also about myself.  I learned that if you want to succeed you need to devote yourself 100% all the time.  When I first got to college I was overwhelmed by all the requirements, all the responsibilities, and all the activities on and off campus.  I got involved in lots of clubs, lots of organizations, and lots of extra-curricular activities.  As a result, my grades suffered during my first two years.  It was only when I was enrolled in my teacher-preparation courses that I realized that I would need to buckle down and commit myself 100% to my chosen profession.
Whatever you do – don’t make excuses when answering this question.  Always take responsibility for your actions (or inactions).  Don’t try to bluff your way out of this question – the interviewer probably has seen your transcript and knows exactly what your GPA is.  Own up to your mistakes, take responsibility, and show how you have grown as a result.  Never get defensive or place blame.