Saturday, June 10, 2017

What Special Skills Do You Have?

Almost every interviewer will want to know how well-rounded you are.  They don't just want a teacher - they also want someone who can contribute to the school in ways beyond classroom instruction.  Here's a typical question:

     What special skills or talents will you bring to your classroom?

     A:   I’ve always been interested in theatre.  I was in a number of plays in college and served as a youth director for a production at a local repertory company in town.  I’ve read some books about readers theatre and how valuable it can be as a language arts activity.  I’ve learned how it can help kids become more fluent readers and would like to make it part of my language arts curriculum.  From what I’ve read I think it can be a positive addition to the classroom curriculum and a way to get kids more actively engaged in their own learning.
This is a great question!.  Don’t blow this wonderful chance to let your personality and talents show through.  As we've shared in previous posts, select examples that can have a connection to what goes on in a classroom or to specific elements of the overall curriculum.  Let your talents and skills shine, but don’t go overboard.