Saturday, September 17, 2016

Classroom Management II

If you're looking for a question (or series of question) sure to dominate any interview - you can certainly count on hearing queries about classroom management.  They will come in all sizes and all shapes - but it is as certain as death and taxes that you will be faced with one or more questions.  Be prepared!  Here is another typical one frequently shared in an interview:

What are some things teachers do that create classroom management problems?

     A:   Teachers sometimes, inadvertently, create discipline problems through certain kinds of behaviors.  Professor Lewiston, in his course on “Management, Discipline, and Behavior” shared some of the most common behaviors. These included 1) extreme negativity, 2) an excessive authoritative climate, 3) overreacting, 4) mass punishment, 5) blaming, lack of instructional goals, and not recognizing students’ ability levels.  I learned that avoiding these, and other similar behaviors, can go a long way toward creating a climate of trust and caring that will significantly reduce misbehavior.
Describe your knowledge of the inappropriate behaviors in addition to your own personal reaction to those behaviors.  Let the interviewer know that you are aware of factors that may have a negative influence on students learning and that you are conscious of what you need to do to avoid those behaviors.