Monday, November 12, 2012

If an administrator visited your classroom, what would she/he see?

Q:       If an administrator visited your classroom, what would she/he see?

     A:   She would see an educational environment where every student is respected, every student is trusted, and every student is learning.  She would see an active classroom – a classroom where students are never absorbing information passively, but are, instead, actively participating in a curriculum that puts a premium on personal and meaningful engagement.  She would see students taking responsibility for their learning through self-established goals, projects and activities that are pedagogically sound and standards-based.  She would see students achieving…she would see students challenged through higher level thinking questions, specific RTI activities, and a teacher dedicated to success.  She would see a classroom that embraces every student’s cognitive and affective potential.  She would see a community of learners!

            The answer to this question should focus, not on the physical environment (“Well all the chairs would be lined up in neat, straight rows and the teacher’s desk would be placed in the front of the room and….”), but rather on your philosophy of education.  This is a question that gets to the heart of what it means to be a teacher.  Here’s where you can let your beliefs and your values shine.  But be careful – this is not the time to ramble.  Be concise and keep your answer to two minutes or less.