Monday, April 2, 2012

If you are not successful in getting a full time job....

     Q:  If you are not successful in getting a full time job, what will you do?

     A:   I am committed to teaching and I’m committed to education.  Being a teacher is my top professional goal.  I believe I can make a very positive contribution to this field and I’m willing to wait for the right opportunity to make that happen.  If it’s not a full-time position then I would be equally happy to be listed on any number of substitute teaching lists.  The more opportunities I have to expand and improve my teaching abilities I see as beneficial to my long-term goals.  If I don’t get that full-time job, I’ll work harder, volunteer more, and take any opportunity I can to work with youngsters.  This is what I want to do and I’ll take advantage of every opportunity possible to do it.

            Don’t be shy!  Share your passion for teaching and your commitment to education.  It’s important the interviewer knows of your universal desire to teach – your intense and dedicated drive to make a difference in the lives of children.  That commitment must show through – just as much for a full-time teaching position as for a place on the substitute teaching list.  By demonstrating that universal desire you provide the interviewer with both reason and rationale for any and all positions in the school or in the district.